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Welcome to Divine Radiance...
Georgina is an Intuitive Spiritual & Psychic 
Teacher & Healer 
Georgina is a fully qualified and insured 
Angelic Reiki Master, Teacher Practitioner and Healing channel. She also reads Angel & Oracle Cards working as a clairvoyant bridge of communication within all readings. 
Georgina also offers development in all things Spiritual, including teaching meditation & spiritual development, learning how to connect to your Guardian Angel, your Spirit Guides & entire Guide Team. Connecting to Spirit loved ones, Animal guides, the Elemental realms, the Angelic Kingdom of Light & the vast number of etheral energies. Helping you to gain access to your incredible higher self & inner being, awakening you to your fullest spiritual potential. Giving you greater understanding of the many aspects of energy healing & sacred connections to Spirit, for both Self & others, allowing growth in all areas of your life, enlightenment & much more.

These services are offered on a 1-2-1 basis and small group sessions. Psychic & mediumship readings, Oracle/Angel card readings and Angelic Reiki treatments are also avaliable via Skype and Email.
Georgina works with people with all levels of ability from the beginner to those already awakened to their path.
To find out more contact Georgina on:
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