Divine Radiance - ....let your inner light radiate through
Angels and Spirit energy can lower their frequencies to impress their Light Bodies in order for us to see them. They radiate energy and healing.
Any one orb at any time may have many energies working within it. I see and communicate with these Etheric entities and also capture them on film. 
Orbs appear as different shapes, sizes, colours and are cell like and move at different speeds all having their own significance.
I fell upon these beautiful energies whilst taking pictures at a family function.
I now connect to orbs daily as they offer healing and guidance for myself and others.
Explore the Etheric realm of orbs for yourself. It requires no skill, just a digital camera and a positive intention to call them in and capture these abundantly present wonders.
"If anyone wants to email their own orbs or videos to be added to my site, please do, I would love to see them."
See some of the orbs captured, below...
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